Celebrating the “The Future of Storytelling” and 2014

(This post will be in English due to our international participants in our StoryMOOC.)

On December 20th, our Massive Open Online Course “The Future of Storytelling” (aka StoryMOOC) officially ended after 9 months of producing, designing, writing, researching, filming,… (not necessarily in that order) and 8 amazing weeks of teaching, still producing/writing/filming, and, most importantly, communicating with so many exciting international storytelling enthusiasts.

In the end, more than 86,875 MOOC students from all over the world enrolled to be part of our journey – and experiment … as this was the first time ever, any of my team had tried to teach more than their usual present students at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. (Which in my case means: 12-25 students per course, with our whole lovely school only having about 3,500 students in total.) This actually made our MOOC the largest German MOOC up-to-date. But numbers are not what impressed and overwhelmed me most in 2013. It’s how so many of our StoryMOOCers reacted to what we had to offer, how they created their own little big stories, discussed, formed learning groups and facebook communties, wrote about the course, created sketchnotes, … I’ll definitely write about this crazy, exciting journey again at another time/same space. Yet, I haven’t been able to update my page for such a long time due to the slightly crazy StoryMOOC workload that I felt it was overdue to at least make a little effort right now. : )

For everybody enrolled on our course website, my official weekly StoryMOOC announcements and updates on the production will stay available for at least one year right here.

For everybody else, who is interested in what went on: We were absolutely happy and lucky to see such a broad interest in our project, mainly by our particpants, but also by the press. I’ll try collect some links to articles, blog posts, and more right below. However, please have patience with me and my MOOC team concerning further updates.

I for one will be off the net for some time now to finish a manuscript I’ve been working on that is due very soon.

Happy, creative, lucky, and lovely 2014 everyone! I wish you all the best and want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to anybody, who made 2013 such an amazingly fulfilled, creative year.

Some press snippets:

“Potsdam bildet die Welt”, Berliner Zeitung (Titelseite Printausgabe), 25.10.2013

“Ein Meister in „Storytelling” werden – mit kostenlosem Online-Unikurs!”, Huffington Post, 28.10.2013

“Massenansturm im Internet: Massiv online”, PNN – Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten, 01.11.2013

“SEMINARE IM INTERNET-„Wir haben Spaß in die Lehre gebracht“” (wobei der Titel definitiv irreführend ist : ), svz.de, 07.12.2013

Some feedback and input from participants:

Review by Yannis Vatis, Beijing, China

Review by Robert Fekete, Hungarian Blog Eduzine

Sketchnotes by Melanie Voss, Berlin, illustrating all our lectures in info graphics

Also, TV channels RBB, DW (both German), and ARTE (France) visited us and we did some radio interviews with Funkhaus Europa (Germany), Ö1 (Austria) and others, that are all not available online unfortunately (with the ARTE format just screening in Feb.). Should I get (still/yet) working links though, I’ll make the interviews available here.