UPDATE: The Future of Storytelling on iversity.org and Facebook

As we are in full-on production mode for our MOOC ‘The Future of Storytelling’ here are some of the most important facts in short, that are new (or semi-new to old, once you’ve already found our other web sources).

First of all:

  • this post is in English, as you might have noticed. ; ) Due to time and technical issues we had to decide on one language to be able to launch in 2013. We decided on English as this the language most of our already-enrolled students speak/write/play…
  • all important updates, course description, and new enrolments are handled via our course website
  • production status and fun updates are available at our Facebook page, that is also accessible to our non-FB-students
  • if you haven’t already seen our promo video (produced for the production fellowship competition in May), look right here

What else is important?

We are going to launch on October 25th, the course will consist of 8 chapters.
Enrolment is free and open to anyone with an internet access and a passion for storytelling, be it university students, hobby storytellers, professional creators,… No requirements are necessary. That also means: don’t be surprised when there’ll be some basic lessons about storytelling as well. (This goes out to some certain game designers and media professors that contacted me about wanting to take part… ; )

We are very much looking forward to meeting all of you in October on www.iversity.org! Till then, you won’t hear much of me here besides on Facebook. Time is running and there is still so much to do to launch the best possible StoryMOOC we can offer you.